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PIG Oil Absorbent Mats

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PIG Brown Oil-Only Barrel Top Absorbent Mat

PIG Brown Oil-Only Barrel Top Absorbent Mat (MAT508)

  • Heavy Weight
  • For 200 ltr drums
  • For Oil-Based Liquids - Not Water
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PIG Oil Absorbent Mats

PIG Oil Absorbent Pads only soak up oil, diesel, gas, petroleum and fuel. They don't soak up water, whether they’re used indoors or even in the rain or on water! They are perfect for soaking up oily drips and sloppy spills.

a) What are oil absorbent mats?

PIG Oil Absorbent Pads are the oil-only design of New Pig’s top-notch, oil-only range. Being in pad format makes it easy for you to tear off just the amount you need, saving you money. Mats are like super-thirsty paper towel — except they’re made of 100% polypropylene, not paper.

They come in light weight and heavy weight, for small and large spills.

b)  Oil absorbent pads FAQs

Q. Why are oil only absorbent mats better than a generic or universal mat to soak up oil?

A. Oil and water are quite different liquids. The PIG Oil Absorbent Pads are specifically designed to absorb oil, gas, petroleum, diesel and other oil-based liquids without wasting any absorbency on water. In fact they repel water.

Q. Can I just skim the oil off the top, or do I have to soak up the whole puddle of water?

A. With these oil absorbent pads, you can just skim off the oil. They won’t soak up any of the water puddle because they repel water. (To soak up water, please use Pig Universal Absorbent Mat Pads.) They also float as they clean up water-borne oil spills. This means they won’t sink — even if they’re soaked.

Q. Can I use the oil absorbent pads outside?

A. Absolutely! Raindrops just bounce right off (because the mats repel water), so they’re perfect for outdoor use.

Q. You say white means “oil only”, how come you also have brown oil-only absorbents?

A. Our PIG Oil-Brown Only Absorbent Mat Pads and Rolls tend to look cleaner for longer than white, by blending in with most environments (either indoor or outdoor). Hiding the grime like this means you can keep the mat on the job longer. Which saves you money…

Q. What if I want to use the white oil absorbent mats around my machinery?

A. Some people prefer to use the white PIG Oil-Only Absorbent Mat Pad and white PIG Oil-Only Absorbent Mat Roll so it draws attention to machine leaks and clearly shows saturation level during spill response.

Q. I want to keep the top of my drums clean; any suggestions?

A. Our PIG Brown Oil-Only Barrel Top Absorbent Mat is perfect. It soaks up pump drips without cluttering up your work space with dirty rags and keeps your factory looking neat, not messy. Being brown, it hides fuels and oils, so looks cleaner for longer. It’s strong wicking action and high absorbency rates all mean you can leave it there for longer. All of which saves you money in the long run.

PIG Oil-Only Absorbent Mat Pads are ideal to have on hand to absorb equipment leaks and keep excess oil off your floor. Pads are suited to small clean ups or big demanding tasks.

If you have any questions about oil only absorbents, call us on 1800 HOT HOG (468 464) or contact us online. Many customers also find our “let’s talk” feature great for queries. You can also check out our blog and general FAQs. You may find this blog on choosing an absorbent helpful.