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PIG Universal Absorbent Socks

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PIG Blue Absorbent Sock

PIG Blue Absorbent Sock (4048)

  • 7.6 cm x 122 cm L
  • Absorbs up to 2.8 ltrs. per sock
  • 40 socks
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PIG Blue Absorbent Sock 3m

PIG Blue Absorbent Sock 3m (PIG202)

  • 7.6 cm x 3 m L
  • Absorbs up to 7 ltrs. per sock
  • 8 socks
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Sock it to spills with PIG Universal Absorbent Socks

Universal absorbent socks are ideal to dyke and dam liquids if you’ve sprung a leak or dropped a drum whose contents are wanting to run away. You can also leave these tough, highly absorbent socks around machinery, to stop niggly drips and leaks from spreading, keeping your floors safe, not slippery. That’s because the sock’s extra-dense construction with a fine-grade vermiculite filler “hugs” the floor, staying firmly in place as it contains spills, while the stitch-bonded, polypropylene skin resists bursting — even when it’s saturated — so it holds in all the absorbed liquid and reduces dust.

The blue-coloured universal absorbent socks can be used with oils, solvents, water or coolants. And if you’ve soaked a sock with water, you can air dry it to reuse.  

There are two sizes: the 122cm long sock can absorb up to 2.8 litres and comes in a pack of 40 universal absorbent socks, while the 3m long sock can absorb up to 7 litres and comes in a pack of 8 universal absorbent socks. Both lengths are 7.6cm in diameter.

If you have any questions, such as how to choose the right absorbent sock or mat for your needs, check out our FAQ’s and blog, or contact us on 1800 HOT HOG (1800 468 464).