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Choose the right drain blocker

Basically, there are two main ways that drain blockers are used:

  • permanently, or
  • in an emergency

But firstly, who needs a drain blocker? Typically, businesses that transfer, stock or use hazardous materials and oils need a plan to prevent spills from heading outside the factory or premises — including down the drain. And when it’s a drain, you need a drain blocker.

So when would you need a permanent drain blocker? Businesses that frequently receive bulk fluid deliveries, have recurrent bulk fluid transfers or need to do regular washdowns or maintenance certainly need a drain blocker — and leaving it in place probably makes sense.

New Pig has two types drainblockers that are perfect for these situations: the heavy-duty PIG DrainBlocker Drain Cover with Elvaloy (for repeated use) and the Drive-Over (for extended use in high-traffic areas). Both are engineered specifically for repeated and extended use, so they’re UV and infra-red light resistant, tear resistant, have a super-sealing bottom layer and are easy to clean.

You can also use both for emergencies — they’re strong and easily cleanable.

There are 10 different sizes and shapes in each version, so whether you use the drain blocker every day or just for special occasions (think spills not your birthday…) having them on hand means you’re prepared. And this saves your business money and makes the job easier for everyone.

For help in choosing the right type of drain blocker for your facility, call us on 1800 HOT HOG (468 464). Or get in touch with us

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