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Libraries & Museums: How to prepare for water & flooding emergencies

Librarians around Australia were shocked this week by news that a flash flood caused huge damage to the Chifley Library at ANU in Canberra. This flood caused permanent and irreparable damage to thousands of books; even those that were not directly water effected are now threatened by mould.

Whilst saddened by the scale of the damage caused at ANU, many librarians and museum curators have begun to ask – how can we best prepare for flooding events? iQSafety has already been contacted by a number of concerned professionals looking for advice around water diversion and containment solutions. Whilst a flash flood of the scale that ANU experienced is very hard to plan for, there are a range of emergency solutions that can be used to prevent smaller scale water ingress events.

Many customers begin researching spill kits for this application however these are generally designed for spills contained to a smaller area. Below are a couple of solutions which may be more practical for protecting archival material in the event of small to medium water ingress within a building.

PIG Original SpillBlocker Barrier

A temporary barrier designed to confine and divert water ingress on flat floors. This barrier has a strong adhesive back which allows it to effectively stick to a range of flooring types and temporarily prevent small to medium volumes of water ingress.

PIG® Spring-Open Roof Leak Diverter Kit

Our roof leak diverter kits have been designed to spring open quickly once removed from their storage bags. They come in a wide range of widths to suit various size ceilings and have been designed to hook over standard ceiling tiles.

If you would like to speak to a specialist in order to help you prepare for water ingress emergencies, please contact iQSafety today on 1300 468 464.

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