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Why is PIG Absorbent Mat the world’s No.1?

There are several reasons why Pig absorbent Mat is the number-one mat in the world. Here are the two main ones:

1. Why make a mess to clean up a mess?

Many people believe clay is the best thing to use to clean up spills. But really, it makes no sense to make a mess to clean up a mess. That’s just extra messy. When you use clay, not only does it take a while to clean up — so you’re spending your time cleaning, not doing your job — you never really truly get every last little bit. That leaves teensy (or not teensy) bits of grit on your factory floor.  Which is not ideal.

2. Staying together

Pig Absorbent Mats pick up just about any liquid — water, oils, coolants or hazardous chemicals. Their perfect combination of fine-fibre materials, thermal bonding and eight-layer design absorbs the spill — without sweeping and mopping — then you just dispose of it and keep going with your real work. They don’t break down when fully saturated, which is important, because New Pig found customers ranked durability the highest when choosing an absorbent. New Pig has even done research with other brand mats for durability. Even on the very basic “foot traffic” test, Pig Mats don't fall apart, which means you can leave them out for longer. And that means Pig Absorbent Mats are more cost effective.

In the lab, New Pig also likes to test its (and others’) mats with a tensile machine. This tests the force per square inch that can be applied to the mat before it breaks. The answer? Pig Mats are eight times stronger.

So why are New Pig’s Absorbent Mats so tough? The eight-layer design means these mats resist tears, rips, abrasions and frays.

Pig Mats come in different types for all different types of applications for inside and outside: to clean up water, solvents, chemical spills, high-traffic areas, flammable liquids and even on water. You can get them in rolls, pads and a wide range of sizes. New Pig has the largest range in the world to get the job done!

For guidance in choosing the which of the world’s number one mats will suit your factory or business, call us on 1800 HOT HOG (468 464). Or get in touch with us

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