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Patch, Repair & Maintenance: getting out of a bind the iQSafety way

Roof leaks can be more than a pain. They can cause damage by ruining expensive production or office equipment, destroying inventory and result in dangerous slips.

But a quick repair using a roof leak diverter means you don’t have to close down the affected area — or even the entire facility — until repairs can be made. This temporary repair is quick to set up, yet highly effective. Importantly, it gives you the chance to do proper maintenance rather than a “quick fix”.

Roof leak diverters attach to the ceiling, no matter your roof or ceiling type, and divert water to where it can be safely collected, allowing you to get the leak under control in just minutes. Because the material resists punctures, mildew and UV, you can use the roof leak diverter for a long time.

But what if it’s not your roof leaking, but a pipe? We also have top quality patch, repair & maintenance products for these situations.

To temporarily patch leaks until the source can be contained or the system drained safely, the PIG Plug-N-Seal Patching Paste is perfect — even in cold temperatures and with flammable or hazardous leaks. Even better, this patch paste is ready to use without mixing.

If you’re looking for a long-term patch, repair & maintenance option, then the PIG Multi-Purpose Epoxy Putty is perfect. This top quality resin bonds strongly, sticks to nearly surface and cures concrete-hard in just 1 hour so you can drill, tap, sand or paint it. It’s ideal to include in your patch, repair & maintenance toolbox.

Check out the range below to see which patch, repair & maintenance products will enhance your workplace safety.

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