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Spill Containment

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Spill Containment : How to hold it all in with spill containment?

When dealing with certain liquids, it’s preferable to keep any potential spills contained. Spill containment units are ideal for this, with many different types available to suit varying needs and circumstances.

A spill containment pallet is perfect to handle fully loaded steel drums. Being resistant to UV rays, rust, corrosion and most chemicals, drums can sit on the pallet long term. (We even have a PIG Economy Poly Spill Containment Pallet that’s made from recycled material!) Or you can use a PIG Pallet Rack Sump, which fits easily into your existing rack system as secondary containment for stored drums.

A covered variation is the PIG Roll-Top & Covered Spill Containment Pallet. The roll-top slides up so you have easy access to the top of the container, while the weather-resistant design stops any contaminants leaking into storm water, helping you comply with EPA regulations. These covered units come in sizes to suit four 209-litre drums and two 209-litre drums, both of which have enough height to leave pumps and funnels in the top of the drums, as well as one IBC and two IBC’s. Swing doors on all give easy access.

Similar to a spill containment pallet, a spill containment drip deck is ideal to manage small leaks and drips on drums or smaller containers, and will help keep storage areas safe and clean.

On the other end of the size scale, a PIG Poly IBC Spill Containment Pallet with Shelf is a very robust way to store a variety of IBC sizes, long term. The material resists UV rays, rust, corrosion and most chemicals. The shelf makes it easy to cleanly dispense into 20 litre-buckets or other smaller containers.

Another option is the PIG Collapse-A-Tainer Fail-Safe Spill Containment Bund. These fold right down to a compact size so they can be easily stored in a vehicle, and transported to different locations, allowing you to quickly set up highly-cost effective, drive-in containment where you need it. They are very handy in remote locations, say under storage tanks, tote tanks, pillow tanks, pallets loaded with drums and so on. With this spill containment system,  you have continuous drive-in capability, but without having to manually fold the side walls up or down. The end walls can stay folded down, but will automatically rise with the liquid level when a leak occurs. The collapsible spill containment bunds are very hardy, resisting harsh chemicals and UV exposure.

But if you have a spill emergency on the road, the PIG Portable Spill Containment Pool is just the thing to catch liquid spilling from blown hydraulic lines, punctured tanks, leaking containers or decontamination operations. A foam ring around the rim rises with level of liquid contained. These pools are quick to set up, and easily stored in vehicles.

We also have a range of accessories for spill containment equipment, including ground mats, tarps, truck-mount containers and loading ramps. 

If you have any questions about spill containment, make sure you check out our FAQ’s and blog.