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Storage and Materials Handling

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Storage and materials handling: play it safe from the beginning

Doing things properly to start with often makes everything a whole lot easier. That’s why having the right storage and materials handling guidelines and equipment in place can save you hassle and expense later.

Pouring from drums isn’t always easy, and that’s where a drum funnel comes in to minimise drips and spills. Our drum funnel fits any 209-litre, tight-head steel or poly drum and covers the entire top, so there’s no need to stock multiple sizes. The hinged lid blocks out dirt and contaminants while still allowing quick access, including to a 3/4” bung so you can use a gauge to pour accurate amounts. To make your materials handling safe, it’s resistant to UV rays, corrosion and most chemicals and comes in different colours so you can segregate drums for safe, compliant filling.

Another safe way to pour is with a flexible draining tool. Our PIG Form-A-Funnel Flexible Draining Tools mould easily to create a leak-proof channel. By keeping their shape, you can drain to the very last drop of fluid. Even if reaching the filter or plug is quite hindered. They’re small and easy to store in a toolbox or the glove box, giving you safe materials handling tools for vehicle and engine fluids anywhere you need it.

Safe materials handling is important, but so is storage. Our range of safety cans includes for liquid disposal (so you can easily collect flammable liquids without tyring to pour into small openings), safety shelf cans (with control-flow faucets), steel oily-waste cans, Type I safety cans that help you avoid ruptures and explosions when working with flammables, and Type II safety dispensing cans for storage and dispensing flammables.

The second aspect of proper, safe storage is in a secure cabinet. We have storage cabinets for corrosive chemicals, flammable liquids and pesticides.

Check out the range below to see which storage and materials handling equipment will enhance your workplace safety.

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