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Flammable Safety Cabinets

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Fire up your protection with Flammable Safety Cabinets

Even workplaces that don’t use flammable liquids as part of their manufacturing process will commonly have small amounts of these fluids just for machinery-maintenance purposes. But how do you store these?

Clearly, any ignition sources — think flames, welding sparks and so on — shouldn’t be close to where flammable liquids are stored. This is common sense, but it’s also legislated in OH&S laws. OH&S regs also state that flammable liquids kept at a workplace must be at the smallest quantity that’s feasible for that business.

Safely storing flammable liquids in fire-resistant safety cabinets greatly reduces the risk of fire damaging your premises and injuring your staff, so it makes sense to store all these liquids this way. Interestingly, neither the laws nor relevant code of practice state the minimum volume at which a flame-proof cabinet is needed. That aside, storing any amount of flammable liquid in a fire-resistant safety cabinet gives you peace of mind. Check out our range from small cabinets that store 30 litres, through to ones large enough to store 350 litres. We also have horizontal and vertical drum flammable safety cabinets and an under counter model.

a) What is a flammable safety cabinet?

A flammable safety cabinet is designed to safely store flammable liquids — such as chemicals, corrosives and pesticides — as well as other hazardous materials. It keeps these dangerous products in dry, cool, conditions, well away from ignition sources, oxidising agents and direct sunlight — not to mention foodstuffs and clothing.

b) Flammable safety cabinet FAQs

Q. Who needs a flammable safety cabinet?

A. By law, any business that deals with flammable, corrosive or other potentially toxic chemicals needs to store them safely. A flammable safety cabinet does exactly this.

Q. Why should I buy a Justrite flammable safety cabinet?

A. Justrite flammable cabinets, which meet Australian standards, are tough and hardy — which are exactly the qualities you need when storing potentially hazardous and toxic chemicals. The chemical-resistant steel minimises any corrosion or humidity effects, and the double-wall construction offers insulating air space for fire resistance.

The “Australian Standard AS1940-2004 – The storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids” and “Code of Practice: Managing Risks of Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace” have more information on storing flammable liquids.

If you have any questions about flammable safety cabinets, call us on 1800 HOT HOG (468 464) or contact us online. Many customers also find our “let’s talk” feature great for queries. You can also check out our blog.