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Justrite Steel Safety Shelf Can with Control Flow Faucet19 Litres


Safety Shelf Can has a faucet built into the bottom for easy dispensing without having to move or lift it.

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  • Store and dispense 19 litres of flammables
  • Brass control-flow faucet allows precision dispensing without removing can from shelf
  • 100% leak-tested and fully FM-compliant construction
  • Durable, powder-coated steel resists fuels, solvents and lubricating fluids
  • Rounded handle swings while you carry heavy loads
  • Raised bottom lip adds puncture protection to underside of can and creates a secure handhold for pouring
  • Spring-loaded, self-closing lid is airtight to help control vapours and prevent accidental spills
  • Positive pressure relief cap automatically vents to guard against rupture and explosion
  • Reinforced sidewall ribs provide extra "bumper" protection against dents
Style:Type I Safety Shelf Can w/ Self-closing Faucet
Dimensions:ext. dia. 30cm x 42cm H
Storage Capacity:19 ltrs.
Sold as:1 each
Weight:4.3 kgs.
Composition:Safety Can - Heavy-Duty Lead-Free Powder Coated Steel Flame Arrestor: