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Spill Kit Maintenance Program

Often some spill kit materials like absorbent mats are used out of a spill kit for small clean ups and not replaced. The Spill kit maintenance service program ensures your spill kits are always topped up and ready to be deployed when a spill occurs.

What are the benefits of the spill kit maintenance program?

  • You are fulfilling your environmental duty of care
  • Kits are re-stocked on the spot
  • You pay no freight on re-stock items
  • Spill Kits are maintained at the highest level
  • Written report becomes part of your EMS and OH&S compliance system

Service Program includes:

  • Programmed spill kit inspection on site
  • On the spot re stock (you pay for the components only)
  • You receive a written inspection report on your kits and the work carried out
  • Regular cleaning of spill kits

To find out more about this service, the cost and to enrol, please fill in the form below and our customer service team will be in touch shortly.