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PIG Collapsible Spill Containment

Spill containment that only collapses when you want it to

Having drive-in spill containment that you can collapse when you need to is very handy for many situations.

New Pig has two types:

  1. a heavy-duty spill containment system, and
  2. a highly cost-effective, entry-level system.

As with all New Pig products, both are extremely robust.

a) What is the heavy-duty spill containment system?

Depending upon your needs, there are three sump capacities in the heavy-duty PIG Collapse-A-Tainer Fail-Safe Spill Containment:  2,831 litres, 9,512 litres and 19,820 litres.

The units are all black, although custom sizes and colours are available. The small and medium-size systems have two manual side walls, with the other two walls being manual or automatic. The largest size has two automatic and two manual walls. The end walls can remain folded down during normal use, but will automatically rise with the liquid level if a leak occurs, and the brackets stay out of the way to stop them breaking from being accidentally hit or driven over.

b) What is the entry-level spill containment system?

Like its big brother, the PIG Collapse-A-Tainer Spill Containment Bund comes in three sizes: 678 litres, 1,359 litres and 2,831 litres.

The black and yellow units are made from a co-polymer geomembrane with PVC wall supports and skirt and aluminium support struts. They are re-engineered so they give great value, yet are still top quality with high performance. These systems don't need to be assembled, and their one-piece design needs no additional parts or tools. The collapsible sidewalls have a skirt attached with outside aluminium-reinforced supports that help the walls stay rigid and upright, while the sides fold down easily to allow you to drive pallet jacks and forklifts into and out of the containment. They also have a drain plug kit so you can easily discharge any rainwater.

c)  FAQs for spill containment systems

Q. When do I use the heavy-duty spill containment system?

A. The PIG Collapse-A-Tainer Fail-Safe Spill Containment is perfect to use under pallets loaded with drums, or storage, tote and pillow tanks.

Q. And the entry-level system?

A. On top of where you can use the heavy-duty system, the PIG Collapse-A-Tainer Spill Containment is ideal to use for emergency response to tank leaks in remote locations. So make sure you have one in your trucks.

Q. What is the Collapse-A-Tainer Fail-Safe Spill Containment made of?

A. These systems are made of tough XR-5 geomembrane, which resists UV exposure and the effects of harsh chemicals

Q. And the entry-level spill containment system?

A. The PIG Collapse-A-Tainer Spill Containment Bund is made of a durable, coated geomembrane that resists tears, chemicals and abrasion.

Q. Can I transport these systems?

A. Yes, both systems fold to a compact size so you can store them in a vehicle and transport them to remote locations. A strap included with the heavy-duty systems help secure the units in place during transport.

For guidance on choosing any spill containment product, contact us on 1800 HOT HOG (1800 468 464), or check out our FAQ’s and blog