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PIG Rolltops & Covered Spill Containment Pallets

Roll-tops and covered spill containment pallets

Sometimes businesses need to store IBCs and drums outside. Our PIG Roll Top Hardcover Spill Pallets are ideal, offering all-weather protection and preventing any contaminants entering storm water.

Our roll-top covered spill containment pallets are all made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE), with some post-industrial recycled content. UV inhibitors add to the material’s robustness allowing it to resist UV rays, rust, corrosion and most chemicals, ensuring a long life. A portion of the LDPE is post-industrial recycled.

What’s best to store drums outside?

For drum storage, there are two-drum and four-drum covered pallets. The heavy-duty construction allows the hardcover and pallet to be lifted by a forklift with drums in place. The unit’s roll top slides up so you can easily reach the top of the drums, which can even be stored with pumps and funnels in place. Durable swing-out front doors allow easy loading and unloading, and the ergonomically designed roll top is great for OH&S, only going down to waist height, hence reducing bending and reaching.

What’s best to store IBCs outside?

If you need to store your IBCs outside, we have a single-IBC and double-IBC option, which both help you comply with EPA regulations. The durable rolling cover and swing-out doors on both sides give you easy access, and you can secure the roll top with a padlock for extra security. The heavy-duty construction has two-way forklift entry for easy movement, but note this is for unloaded only. These units are available with or without drain plug.

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