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PIG DrainBlocker Drain Covers

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PIG LeakBlocker Barrier

PIG LeakBlocker Barrier (PLR212)

  • For or Smooth Surfaces
  • Temporary/Removable Barrier
  • 3.5cm H x 3m L x 5.7cm W
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PIG Drain Blockers

If you have drains near where you do machinery wash-downs or transfer liquids, or perform other leak and spill-prone tasks, then you’re probably tired of always getting out a temporary cover while those jobs are done. And if you’re really tired of it, you may think the alternative is to permanently seal your drains.

It’s not: the best alternative is a New Pig DrainBlocker drain cover!

Drain blockers eliminate the need to frequently deploy and remove temporary covers — and they’re a heck of a better idea than permanently sealing the drain.

New Pig has two types of drain blockers: a UV-resistant cover with DuPont Elvaloy that you can walk on, and a really, really tough one that even heavy tankers can drive over.

The flexible, UV-resistant PIG DrainBlocker Drain Cover with DuPont Elvaloy is perfect for either quick spill response or long-term, outdoor use. For safety, the high-vis yellow top layer draws attention to spills. It comes in 10 different sizes and shapes and the patented, two-layer design seals tightly. The vinyl-composite top layer won’t stretch, rip or tear, and because DuPont Elvaloy technology resists chemicals, UV and infrared light, it won’t degrade so has a long life. It can withstand prolonged exposure to fuel — even when it’s completely submerged. The urethane bottom layer gives a super seal, fitting uneven surfaces perfectly and tightly sealing drain openings to block liquids.

Then there’s our really, really tough PIG Drive-Over DrainBlocker Drain Cover. This is really good to leave down as a preventive measure, or keep it aside to use for emergency response. The patented design is the only cover that’s tough enough to be driven over, repeatedly — by forklifts, trucks and even heavy tankers. It’s ideal for long-term drain protection and even under that heavy vehicle traffic, its tough, patented, rubber “HogHyde Skin” stands up to punctures, tearing and abrasion.

Just like its cousin above, the PIG Drive-Over DrainBlocker withstands UV rays, infrared light and all weather conditions, so it can just stay outside for as long as it’s needed — there’s no concern it will degrade. The bottom layer is another super-selaer, with the urethane conforming to uneven surfaces to tightly seal drains and block liquids, while the rubber and polyurethane materials resist water, oils and many chemicals.

For any questions on which DrainBlock drain cover is right for your business, contact us on 1800 HOT HOG (1800 468 464), or check out our FAQ’s and blog