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PIG Spill Containment Barriers

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PIG Original SpillBlocker Barrier

PIG Original SpillBlocker Barrier (PLR223)

  • For Smooth Surfaces
  • Temporary/Removable Barrier
  • 10cm W x 3m L x 5.75cm H
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Contain your spill with the perfect spill control barrier

Spill heading for a drain? Then the PIG Original SpillBlocker Barrier is perfect — and very fast to deploy. Made from polyurethane, the barrier is tear-resistant, flexible and seals tightly to smooth surfaces. The SpillBlocker doesn’t absorb liquids, so is a highly effective way to confine and divert them, which makes reclamation simpler and clean-up easy. The SpillBlocker barrier resists oils and many chemicals (as well as water), and can cope with temps of 107 degrees Celsius for up to half an hour. It’s easy to clean with soap and water so you can keep reusing this temporary barrier for emergency spill containment. The SpillBlocker is yellow, so it’s easy for people to see.

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