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Spill Containment Bunding

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Matthews Drive Over Bunding

Matthews Drive Over Bunding (19820017)

  • Suitable for light traffic areas
  • Walk-on / Drive-Over
  • 7.5cm H x 4m L
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PIG Build-A-Berm Heavy-Duty Barrier Straight Section

PIG Build-A-Berm Heavy-Duty Barrier Straight Secti ... (PLR283)

  • Suitable for heavy traffic areas
  • Drive-over
  • 14cm W x 3.6m L x 5cm H
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Customised leak containment — without heavy concrete curbing

If you need a semi-permanent or permanent high-visibility barrier that you can walk or drive over, then Matthews’ bunding options are ideal.

Our Drive Over Bunding can be shaped into the exact size you need and springs back into shape after you walk or roll over it with light, wheeled equipment. The durable, PVC covering resists oils, coolants and most chemicals, so can be used inside or outside on smooth surfaces in light traffic areas. It’s the ideal solution to contain leaks and spills around machinery without having to go to the extent of constructing cement curbing, so it’s great to use around leak-prone areas such as battery-charging stations or leaky machinery. And when you want to remove it all you need to use is a flat-bladed shovel.

But if you need something that’s durable enough to withstand trucks and other heavy vehicles, then the PIG Build-A-Berm Heavy-Duty Barrier Straight Section is the way to go. This bunding can be used both indoors and outdoors to contain spills and leaks in high-traffic areas on concrete, asphalt and most sealed surfaces. As with its lighter traffic cousin, this bunding also springs back to shape when vehicles pass, and you can also create any configuration you need by using other Build-A-Berm components, such as vented corners and wall ends. Being orange, the bunding barrier also indicates area where drivers can enter and exit.

For guidance on choosing any spill control and spill containment product, contact us on 1800 HOT HOG (1800 468 464), or check out our FAQ’s and blog.