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PIG Drum Funnels

Drum funnels – the easy way to pour

Need to pour liquids into drums? Then the PIG Poly Drum Funnel with Hinged Lid is for you!

And if you’re concerned about overfilling drums but find dipsticks too vague and messy? Then try our Pop-Up Drum Fill Gauge. It’s the perfect way to know when drums are nearly full, so you can avoid overflows and downtime by quickly checking a drum's liquid level — no guessing involved. Plus, it’s chemical-resistant and economical.

a) What is a drum funnel?

A drum funnel is designed to allow you to pour liquids into a drum smoothly, with no “burping” or splashing. This is essential for keeping spills off your floor, and even more so than preventing mess, it’s essential for safety when dealing with many hazardous chemicals.

b) Drum funnel FAQs

Q. What size drums will this fit?

A. The drum funnel fits any 209-litre, tight-head steel or poly drum. You don’t even have to stock multiple sizes.

Q. I have different types of liquids in different drums. How can I separate them?

A. Our drum funnels have several different lid-colour options, so you can segregate drums for safe, compliant filling.

Q. Will the drum funnel block out dirt and contaminants from getting in the drum?

A. Yes, the hinged lid stops pollutants from getting into the liquid, while still giving you quick access.

Q. Does the drum funnel fit on the top or into the hole?

A. The drum funnel covers whole top of the drum, so it minimises drips and spills.

Q. What sort of chemicals can I use the drum funnel with?

A. Our drum funnel’s thick, double-wall polyethylene construction resists most chemicals plus UV rays and corrosion. It’s robust!

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