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Grippy Adhesive Back Floor Mat I iQSafety

Replace expensive, high-maintenance rental floor mats with New Pig's adhesive-backed, ultra-durable high traffic floor mats. New Pig's Grippy mats absorb water, oil, grease, and more to help keep floors dry.

PIG Original Absorbent Sock I iQSafety

The Original Absorbent PIG Sock stops spills from spreading. From oil to water to gasoline, PIG Absorbent Socks absorb a variety of fluids that might leak and cause problems in your plant or shop. PIG Socks can also be used around machinery and places where spills occur most often to prevent fluids from ever getting to the floor and pooling on the ground. New Pig has developed PIG Absorbent Socks to handle any kind of spill.

PIG Universal Absorbent Mat I iQSafety

Pig Universal Absorbent Mats are the strongest and longest-lasting out there. That's why PIG Mats are the #1 selling brand in the world. In this video, see the differences between traditional clay floor sweep and the PIG Universal Absorbent Mat. Pig Mats work quickly to absorb oil, water, solvents, and coolant.